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I’m working on a documentary called Toxification, in collaboration with filmmaker friend Leva Kwestany and producer J.U. Rhodian. It’s our first time working together, and my first overseas film. We filmed for three weeks, and I’ve never felt more in my element.

India’s prosperous Green Revolution was led by Punjab, a state in northern India famous for its lush rice fields and wet, fertile soil. But as farmers are conned into buying more and more pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers that they don’t need, which demand often ten times more water, the water table is sinking at an alarming rate. Punjab’s water has been poisoned by the chemicals, and the famers poison their bodies with opium, helping them to work longer and harder. Loans from a middleman are taken out, with extortionate interest rates that are impossible to pay back. As a result, hundreds of Punjabi families are left without a father, husband or son as more and more farmers cave in under the pressure and drink their own chemicals to end their lives.








I took some portraits, too:




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May 29, 2013 § 1 Comment

Some portraits I took in Rajasthan, India in January.

026 Part of 'Turbanism'; Turban Maker, Jaipur, Rajasthan

007 Part of 'Turbanism'; Turban dyer, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

024 Part of 'Turbanism'; Shakeel Ji, Turban Maker

025 Part of 'Turbanism'; Turban Dyer, Udaipur, Rajasthan

028 Part of 'Turbanism'; Member of Marching Band, Jaipur, Rajasthan


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A friend kindly lent me a 50mm lens; I used it to shoot some portraits this weekend.

Darbar Launch Party

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I shot this short promotional video for Darbar’s launch party at the amazing Roti Chai, one of my favourite Indian restaurants.

Amrit Sanchar

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I was ridiculously happy to have my work exhibited at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham. The work is a triptych named ‘Amrit Sanchar’ – the name given to the Sikh baptism ceremony. In this ceremony, holy water is placed into the eyes, mouth and hair; the idea was to show these three important motions in a body of work. The photographs were taken at the GNNSJ Gurdwara in Kericho, Kenya, last September. The NAE is a lovely space and having my work exhibited was an honour.

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