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I’ve been terrible at blogging lately- luckily it’s because I’ve been working on a lot of new and exciting things!

I started another blog during a five month stint in Asia last Winter – . Backpacking is a unique situation- sharing dorm rooms with strangers, exploring together and building memories in an environment free of responsibility and stress lends itself to creating intense bonds with people of all lifestyles. I asked each of my subjects to write me a list of their choice. Because of the freedom given to us by our environment, my subjects felt able to share with me lists that might not ordinarily be shared between strangers.


Ten Reasons for Life Without Heroin

Amritsar, India




1. My relationship with my mum

2. Freedom

3. I’m able to save money

4. Respect

5. I can socialise without having to be high

6. More free time

7. Hope

8. I don’t live in fear

9. I’m able to help others

10. Friends


Ten Reasons I Don’t Want to Go Home

Adam’s Peak, Sri Lanka




1. I love travelling

2. The cultural side

3. I have hardly any friends living at home anymore

4. Bogans

5. How expensive it is

6. Politics

7. Language

8. Dirty drugs

9. Ex

10. So far away from my friends in St Ives


I’m hoping to keep the project going and publish it in book or magazine format, so please check back for updates.


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A few snapshots of Tokyo, my first visit to Eastern Asia.

Riding the Chuo ‘Suicide’ train line.

Half-way up mount Fuji.

The bizarre swan trip over Lake Kawaguchiko.

Amrit Sanchar

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I was ridiculously happy to have my work exhibited at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham. The work is a triptych named ‘Amrit Sanchar’ – the name given to the Sikh baptism ceremony. In this ceremony, holy water is placed into the eyes, mouth and hair; the idea was to show these three important motions in a body of work. The photographs were taken at the GNNSJ Gurdwara in Kericho, Kenya, last September. The NAE is a lovely space and having my work exhibited was an honour.

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