Naniji 6

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Naniji 5

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Naniji 4

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I’ve realised that by creating portraits of my grandmother, I’m trying to finish the body of work that my grandfather started. This is one of my favourite images he took of Naniji, back when they lived in Kenya.


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I made this joiner photomontage a few years ago when I was obsessed with Hockney. My grandmother is third from the left. Here she is chatting with her friends after their weekly Sunday prayer.


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From an ongoing project – portraits of my maternal grandmother.

Amrit Sanchar

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I was ridiculously happy to have my work exhibited at the New Art Exchange in Nottingham. The work is a triptych named ‘Amrit Sanchar’ – the name given to the Sikh baptism ceremony. In this ceremony, holy water is placed into the eyes, mouth and hair; the idea was to show these three important motions in a body of work. The photographs were taken at the GNNSJ Gurdwara in Kericho, Kenya, last September. The NAE is a lovely space and having my work exhibited was an honour.

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