“My work ultimately draws on my identity as a first generation British-born Indian.”

Based in London, social documentary photographer and filmmaker Rehmat Rayatt grew up in rural Essex, England. She graduated from the Arts University Bournemouth with a BA(Hons) in Photography and works globally as a freelancer.

Her work has been exhibited around the UK including The Old Truman Brewery Brick Lane, The New Art Exchange Nottingham, Guildhall Art Gallery London and The Gallery, Bournemouth. She has been shortlisted for a number of awards including the Culture Cloud competition.

All images copyright (c) Rehmat Rayatt

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  • Hi Rehmat

    I work for Red Pepper magazine and we’re running an interview with a former resident of Dale Farm. I wanted to ask whether you would be willing to contribute one of your photographs to illustrate the piece. Will will only need one image. Unfortunately, we have little budget to work with, as the magazine is run on voluntary contributions, but we can pay a small fee of £20.

    I understand that this is under standard photography rates of other magazines but i thought it would be worth approaching you, incase we could include your work in our forth coming issue.

    Many Thanks

    Louise Thomas

    Picture Researcher

  • Hello,

    We just saw your photos. Congratulations!

    We are a citizen-journalism agency that has developed an online platform for newsworthy photos and videos taken by professional journalists as well as amateurs.

    We are contacting you today to propose to you an opportunity to share your photos and to possibly get them published in the international media.

    All you have to do is sign-up (it’s free!) and upload your images on our site: http://www.citizenside.com. We will then offer your images to our clientele of media outlets around the world. It is important to note that when contributing to Citizenside, you maintain ownership of your photos or videos while allowing Citizenside to act as a broker between you and media professionals and license the use of your images to them.

    You can subscribe directly to citizenside.com by following this link: http://www.citizenside.com/en or contact us to find out more at: redaction@citizenside.com

    (We cannot guarantee the systematic sale of the photos or videos, it is up to our clients to select those that interest them most)


    The Citizenside Team

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