Dastaar Bandi (Old Version) Exhibiting in London

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

My Video Art piece ‘Dastaar Bandi’ (Old Version) is currently being exhibited at the Guildhall Art Gallery (nearest tube Bank) as part of the exhibition Seeing In The City. Pop in if you get the chance.

“Indians have existed in the UK for generations and have long been the country’s largest visible ethnic minority group. In 2006 there were at least 1.3 million fully blooded Indians in the UK, while one estimate for 2008 suggests a total of 1.6 million British Indians.”

London is known to be one of the most multicultural cities in the world. Walking around London one experiences a multitude of different languages and cultures which have come to define London. Far from the posh, tea-drinking society once defined by our monarchy, London is a melting pot of culture. Ironically, the British Empire that ruled with her iron fist over India (among many other countries) brought about the colourful London that we know and love. My ancestors in India owned British passports, meaning they were free to travel to London. Thousands did this, bringing with them religion, food, language and dress.

I present for submission ‘Dastaar Bandi’. This video art piece explores the ritual tying of a turban in a contemporary Western environment. It represents the Indian Diaspora and their integration into London, and touches on themes of cultural identity. Most poignantly, it comments on the multicultural environment that is London.

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